A quick post to notify you that I likely won’t be posting much here for the coming weeks. I do have some good excuses this time, however. This evening I am off for an eight-day trip to rural China, where I will be conducting research for my book (of which I will have some good news to announce very soon). Then, after 36 hours back in Shanghai, I head to Japan to cover the Asian Amateur Championship for Golf World.

So, not sure when (or if) I will have a chance to get to the posts that have been occupying my head recently, including: Taiwanese golfer Yani Tseng’s reported refusal of a US$25 million offer from a “Chinese enterprise” to become a Chinese citizen and play for China (commentary here and here); and some debatable comments on the future of Chinese golf from Asian Tour head Kyi Hla Han (Note to Mr. Han: There are still domestic golf tournaments for Chinese pros — more than last year, actually — the organizers just happen to be pretty bad at PR).

Of course, perhaps none of this Golf-in-China stuff matters anymore. According to a recent Financial Times story, the golf fad may already be passé here:

“Learning to fly a helicopter is becoming a new hobby in China as rich people are getting tired of golf and cars,” says Guan Xiwen.

Don’t throw out your clubs just yet, however. Mr. Guan may not be the most objective of sources — he’s general manger of a helicopter pilot school in Guangzhou.