Golf Digest calls Forbidden Game ‘an intriguing study’ and ‘an absorbing read’

Cliff Schrock writes:

The book shows how parallels between golf in China and the U.S. can be startling, especially with the pursuit of land, environmental bickering, the mix of rich/poor with both players and workers, the need for irrigation and watering, and the contradictions between what the national government says and how the local governments act. As Washburn presents it, these areas and more are in opposition to the aims named by the Chinese government. One area that is particularly fascinating is the cost to play in China. Although it can be expensive to play in America, a round of golf in China is often priced as high what a Chinese family gets for one-month’s pay. How the cost to play runs counter to the country’s culture is just one dynamic that makes this look at golf in China an absorbing read for anyone keeping tabs on golf’s potential growth.

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