coverage of the Shanghai HSBC Champions

I filed five stories for from the HSBC Champions golf tournament in Shanghai, which ended in a final day showdown between the world’s top two golfers, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Follow the links to the stories below.

The first time Tiger ventured to China, he met little Cindy Feng. As Woods returns to the Far East this week, she recalls how that meeting sparked an interest in golf for her and for a nation. Read the story

The cavalcade that followed Tiger in Round 1 of the HSBC Champions created a circus atmosphere. Despite the attention, Woods’ star isn’t nearly as high in China as one might expect. Read the story

Traditionally, fans at golf tournaments are seen but preferably not heard. That’s certainly not the case at the HSBC in China, where Tiger Woods and many in the field battle constant camera clicks and ringing cell phones. Read the story

Can China be the cure for all that ails golf with its inclusion in the Olympics? Although there are many positive signs pointing in that direction, the transformation of the world’s most populous nation into a golfing Mecca is far from certain. Read the story

Phil Mickelson surely earned some new fans in the Far East with his victory at the WGC-HSBC Champions on Sunday. But it was his interaction with the fans that “Lao Mi” will most be remembered for in China. Read the story