Interviewed by NBC Nightly News


So my first-ever TV interview is complete, and, if edited correctly, I may end up not sounding like a complete boob — if not edited correctly, the jury is still out. Interview was with NBC Nightly News about the China Tour and golf in China. They found me through my stories on the topic and my book project, Par for China, which is about a lot of things, but focuses on Chinese golfer Zhou Xunshu, who was also interviewed for the story (and is currently competing in Guangzhou). The NBC crew flew to Shanghai from Guangzhou (and then drove to Shanghai Silport Golf Club, which is not in Shanghai, incidentally) specifically to interview me — I hope I was worth the effort and expense. I answered one question five times because of noise from lawn mowers, birds and those air hoses you use to clean off your golf shoes. Total package will likely be around two minutes, so maybe 10 seconds of that will be me. Let’s hope they pick the right 10 seconds.

That’s not me in the pic — they were getting lighting right — but I did sit (and squint) in that chair.